Forecast Rain

Forecast RainAdelaide Street Photography

This is my Submission this weeks for the Monochrome Madness

That Leanne Cole and Laura Macky run each week make sure you check it out as there

is some wonderful B & W Photography and very talented people who take part each week.


Street Performer


Trying again on some more Street Photography, I also tried this Photograph in B & W

But this one really worked in colour so much better .

You see some amazing performers when you are wondering around the streets.

The Song he was singing was Hallelujah written by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen

This guy was doing a great version


urban environment


My second attempt at Street Photography, and I Learnt a lot

Focusing and shutter speed very important, as I came home with quite a few blurry Photographs.

You have to be very quick or the moment escaped you, you have to be brave and and just go for it.

I did love it though so I will try again



Bowler Hat 2



Here is another of my Photographs from Paris.

Edited with Lightroom and then Silver Fx pro to convert in Black & White

I love the Light in between the columns and the B & W adds to the atmosphere of the Photograph.

Your Move


My first attempt at a bit of Street Photography

Its a little nerve racking when you are pointing a camera at someone.

Just waiting for that shout ( Hey what are you doing) but no one seemed to notice !!

so I think I will try it again.